Nanopore Guided Assembly of Segmental Duplications near Telomeres

Eleni Adam, Tunazzina Islam, Desh Ranjan, Harold Riethman. 19th IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE 2019).

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Human subtelomere regions are highly enriched in large segmental duplications and structural variants, leading to many gaps and misassemblies in these regions. We develop a novel method, NPGREAT (NanoPore Guided REgional Assembly Tool), which combines Nanopore ultralong read datasets and short-read assemblies derived from 10x linked-reads to efficiently assemble these subtelomere regions into a single continuous sequence. We show that with the use of ultralong Nanopore reads as a guide, the highly accurate shorter linked-read sequence contigs are correctly oriented, ordered, spaced and extended. In the rare cases where a linked-read sequence contig contains inaccurately assembled segments, the use of Nanopore reads allows for detection and correction of this error. We tested NPGREAT on four representative subtelomeres of the NA12878 human genome (10p, 16p, 19q and 20p). The results demonstrate that the final computed assembly of each subtelomere is accurate and complete.